A Message From Directors of Kheng Eng Corp.

Dear Readers,

We are individuals who have instilled ideals and vigor to a business that is usually associated with the old and uneducated. Utilizing a more systematic and methodical way of running the used clothing business, KECSB is steered based on statistical data rather than pure gut-feel.  Despite the adverse economic and business environment, we have the confident of transforming this traditional business into the next higher level – textile waste management.

Our vision extends across all those we are connected to, from our people to charitable organizations to our distributors and customers. We strive to share our values and commitment from their needs. We align ourselves with partners who share the same core values as us.

Our Mission

Whilst maintaining the highest quality for our used clothes, our pricing structure remains competitive, allowing us to stay at the forefront of textile recycling and realizing the true value of used clothes.

Our Values

Recycling used clothing has been the fundamental of our business. We believed that recycling textiles not only is a viable business, more importantly, it helps the environment and gives others less fortunate than us to clothe themselves. Our experienced team has been built up over the years, and together with training, teamwork and dedication, has proved to be the backbone of this business.

Our Vision

We believe that as time changes, gone are the days when we were just a sorter of used clothes – acquiring, sorting and packaging used clothes for export to overseas markets. Our new business strategy involves active participation in downstream activities – in the marketing, distribution and retailing of used clothes. For the next 5 years, we see ourselves:

·        At the forefront of a “vintage culture” revolution in Asia.

·        The front-runner in active participation of downstream activities in marketing, distribution and retailing of used clothes.

·        Successful in realizing the true value of used clothes.

·        As a crucial player in closing the recycling loop.



Directors of Kheng Eng Corp.